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  • Family & Friends of Tyre Nichols – who died tragically in Memphis, Tennessee

  • Family of Valora Morgan – who passed away in a car accident while on vacation in Jamaica on January 27. She is the dear mother-in-law of Ernie Hall’s daughter

  • Family of David Heckles – who passed away on January 24 at the age of 92 in Manchester, England. He is the father of Malcolm Flatts who will be travelling from Canada to England to attend his father’s funeral

  • Family of Norma Brown - who passed away in early January; she is the aunt of Michelle Wilson. Her funeral was held in the States last week

  • Family of Joy Barnwell – who was tragically killed on Wednesday, January 18 (Joyanna Mercury)

  • Family of Gloria Glen – on her recent passing; Gloria was a member of Main Street Church (Olive McKenzie)

  • The Newsham & McAskill Families – on the passing of their father Glynn Newsham. Glynn attended Stonehaven Community Church and was a member of the Nazarene District Finance Committee (Heather McAskill)

  • Family & Friends of Fiona Yu - who passed away from cancer on Thursday, January 12. Fiona was only 37 years old and leaves her husband and two children – ages 7 & 9 (Caleb Adams)


  • Keith & Alice Gordon – prayers as Keith is blind, diabetic, and in hospital; his wife Alice is also not doing well (Edna Smith-Bowes)

  • Maxine Toomey - prayers as she was involved in a car accident on January 27 in Fredericton NB. She suffered a severe stroke, bleeding in the brain, and is paralyzed on the left side of her body (Jan Ong)

  • Mark Manikam – in ICU at Sunnybrook Hospital due to a car accident (Laura Boodhoo)

  • Bruce Langman – suffered a stroke and is in hospital in Barrie. He is a contractor of Don Hawkey Church Management, the company who built our church

  • Brother Alverde Constance Jr. – prayers as he continues to battle various health issues at Scarborough General Hospital (Giovanni Joseph)

  • Cousin Rasheed Walfall (37) – stage 3 colon cancer (Pauline Runcie)

  • Co-worker’s mom Pamela is making progress but still in ICU (Jenny Mason)


Health Needs

  • Asher Persaud – prayers for upcoming surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids on Monday, Feb 6 (Hannah Persaud)

  • Norma Taylor - prayers for continued health & the Lord’s strength

  • Bev Kitts – praises be to God that there is no more cancer on her liver; Hope Crooks – prayers for continued healing & strength as she recovers at home following a stay at Centenary Hospital; Edmund Paul – prayers as he continues to recover from surgery at home (Edna Smith-Bowes)

  • Sister Donina Atutubo Zuniga – prayers as she continues to adjust to life as a newer student in Canada and battles with depression; Aunt Mary Jane Sayaboc Gonzales – prayers for healing from a surgery on Jan 31 in the Philippines; sons Enzo & Ethan - good health, guidance, protection, & that the Lord would remove their asthma (Fredalyn Gornez)

  • Zabiba Husain Bibi –prayers as she continues to recover at home from surgery on January 27 (Anthony Deonarain)

  • Melissa Beckford-Longmore - prayers for strength & healing from recent dizzy spells & vomiting

  • Daughter Dayna – prayers as she continues to recover from a fully torn ligament (Mervyn Kitt)

  • Joan Wilson – continued prayers for left eye pressure which has lowered by 4 points; feet are also swollen and her daughter Odia – prayers for her red & white blood cell count to rise

  • Grandson Chance - prayers for the correct diagnosis and treatment as he is experiencing sleeplessness, a fear of

  • classmates, and a hesitancy to attend school; Daughter Marie – prayers for strength; Amma – cancer has spread and she is on a stronger chemotherapy (Mary Mathew)

  • Vincent Fraites – prayers for health & strength as he continues to recover at home from a bad fall

  • Julie – thankful for our prayers as she is doing much better physically & mentally; Gabriella – prayers as cancer is in remission; Phillip – prayers for physical & spiritual healing as cancer is in remission; Shanette – severe anxiety; Carmen - prayers and thanksgiving to the Lord as she is now cancer free; Audrey Gomes – prayers as she continues to recover from cataract surgery on Jan 25 & vasculitis; Glendene – suffering with dementia; Glendene’s Husband Lawrence – recovery & healing after leg-amputation surgery; Celeste – protection for body and spirit; Kate – metastasized breast cancer; Elena – major health challenges; sister in-law Jean – kidney disease – waiting for a donor; my children Ryan & Shanette – health and salvation (Maria Jemmott)

  • Nebiat Gebremichael - prayers for health and strength as she continues to deal with heart problems

  • Zayn King Alexander – 3-year-old grandson of Janis Longe-Alexander and son of Mark & Stephanie who is now recovering at home after a stay at Scarborough General Hospital

  • Sharon Malanovich – prayers for healing after being diagnosed with a rare brain disorder (Pat Nash)

  • Grandmother Doris Coates – prayers for strength as she recovers at home from her hospital stay (Angie Outar)

  • Joan Wedderburn-Spence – doctors are unable to diagnose her health problem; prayers for peace of mind & God’s strength in the midst of her frustration

  • Pastor Maxine McLellan – prayers as she recuperates at home but continues to have significant health challenges (Shelburne Grace)

  • Lorraine – recuperating at home from surgery to replace the ball & socket in her hip due to a fall (Pastor Jim Carne)

  • Julia Mohammed – prayers for a smooth transition and adjustment to her new life in a nursing home; prayers for God’s peace of mind and strength (Joyanna Mercury)

  • Jim Keyes - prayers for strength as he struggles with breathing and waits for a double lung transplant. He has been given a wait time of one year (Cindy Stavropoulos)

  • Father Victor Mercury – praise God as he is doing much better health wise (Andrae Mercury)

  • Eunice Campbell – prayers as she continues to recover from pneumonia

  • Dave Deeks – ongoing health struggles

  • Daughter of Donna Esar – had an accident on Hwy 401; Maxey Paul Bissoon – health needs (Esther Bissoon)

  • Brother Samuel Gordon – prayers as he continues to recover from surgery (Renae Gordon & Greta Miller)

  • Minnie Sookwah – recovering from surgery at home

  • Irene Bridgelal – prayers for a speedy recovery post-surgery at home (Donna Bridgelal-Ramroop)

  • Margaret – continued healing from left and right eye surgeries; upcoming nose & jaw surgeries (Olivia Williams)

  • Co-worker’s Husband Bala – recovering well at home (Devi Munirajakumar)

  • Chadwick – recovering at home; Uncle Vincent – recovering at home in Jamaica; Evangeline Mash – recovery post-surgery on Dec 8 in Waterloo; Andrew Garcia – recovery and healing from pain in his foot at Michael Garron Hospital (Aldene Hussett)

  • Carla Boyce – recovery from surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital (Anne Lowe)

  • Joan Talbert - various health needs (Thelma Karjohn)

  • Ismay Figueira-Phillips – healing and strength post-upper GI endoscopy surgery

  • Karen Cassidy – healing post-knee replacement surgery

  • Shanti Rajaratin – recovery from surgery on her back and neck; Pat Phinn – recovery from surgery on her neck; Theresa – total restoration and healing; Niece Suzanne – multiple sclerosis (Stephanie Boucher)

  • Goddaughter Wendy – healing for unknown sickness (Joyce Charles)

  • Nephews Alex, Carl Simpson, and Jason Lewis – going through cancer treatments (Olivia Silcott)

  • Michael Hansen – diagnosed with terminal cancer

  • Sister Lisa McGregor – strength as she continues chemotherapy treatments (Carolyn Alexander)

  • Rev. Chan – battling bone cancer (Josephine Gomez)

  • Nephew Noel Raymond – suffering from mental health challenges (Chriscelda Queeley)

  • Grandpa Winston McIntosh – health needs (Bria McIntosh)

  • Jackie Armenio – stage 4 liver cancer (Marissa Seecharran)

  • Baby Jojo – recovery post surgery; step-granddaughter Hannah – depression (Annie Au Yeung)

  • Niece Valerie James – diagnosed with leukaemia (Eastlyn Otway)

  • Baby Ryin Jacqueline – seizures; Beverley Kitson-Waters – breast cancer (Pauline Runcie)

  • Dennis Outar – recovery post knee replacement surgery; Elizabeth Outar – health need

  • Friend Sheri Sant – breast cancer (Rachel Hosein)

  • Doreen Scott – recovery from a stroke (Linda Leach)

  • Janice – cancer has returned and has spread (Ernie Hall)

  • Craig Martin – continued prayers for recovery from an accident and battling various health issues (Beverley Dennis)

  • Husband Mack Bartlett – cancer in the prostate, lymph nodes and the bones (Joan Bartlett)

  • Friend Carol Graham – healing following a stroke (Icilda Smith)

  • Ena Frame – health need

  • Ena Walker – radiation treatments for cancer

  • Janis Longe-Alexander – health and strength

  • Youngest Sister Louise – health needs, memory loss and salvation (Monica Daniel)

  • Sister-in-law Marcia Jones – breast cancer (Coran Jones)

  • Tilley Murray – health needs; Claudette Johnson – ill with cancer (Tilley Murray)

  • Brother Robert Buckle – treatments for cancer (Gloria Buckle)

  • Cousin Creaton – brain cancer (Elaine Mason)

  • Lee Henry, Eleanor & Earl Joseph, Kevin Shaw, Sheila Box, Joseph Mascoll, Monica Joseph, Rosalind Hinds, Doreen John, Althea Thompson, Marianella Castello & Myself (Grace Browne)

  • Allyssa, Barbara, Annie, Judy, Michael, Richard, Carlvert, Karen, Sharleen, The Daws, Sheila, Eastlyn, The Outars, Sean, Tilley, Pam, Anita, Earl, Vincent, Winsome (The Mohammeds)


Special Needs

  • Prayers for Guidance and Discipline - for my 3 children Jackie, Michelle, & Timothy (Samuel Gordon)

  • Germaine Wilson – prayers as he faces various challenges at work

  • Melissa Beckford-Longmore - prayers for financial blessings & stability; that God would help her grow her 2 sons in the right way, especially 2-year-old Nathaniel

  • Alec Prashad – prayers for strength, health & peace of mind

  • Prayers for those struggling with various mental health issues, battling depression, or thoughts of suicide

  • Elliot & Althea Redhead - prayers for a safe and healthy stay in Florida through the next few months

  • Prayers for an end to the war in Ukraine

  • Cheryl Saunders – safety as she drives a TTC bus in the winter weather

  • Onofriichuk Family – continued prayers as they adjust to their new life in Toronto

  • Kamran Family – continued prayers for their situation and encouragement

  • All Healthcare workers – dealing with Covid-19 for safety and protection

  • Children – guidance & protection (Beverley Dennis); Ian Ferguson – victory and healing (Norma Taylor)

  • Michael Markland (Christian’s Dad) & Andrea (Michael’s sister) – salvation (Chriscelda Queeley)

  • Missionaries – The Manswell Family; Jonathan Phillip – serving in Romania; Dr. Reuben & Dr. Monica Fernandez – serving in Costa Rica

Church In Prayer This Week

Brantford COTN - Pastor Andrew & Paige Brown

  • Prayers for God’s physical, spiritual, & financial blessings on our church and congregation

Praise Report:

  • Carmen - thanks the Church family for their continued prayers. Praise God that she is now cancer free!

  • Bev Kitts - praises be to God that there is no more cancer on her liver

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