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Welcoming the Onofriichuks to Canada

As the Onofriichuk family adjusts to their new life in Toronto, Canada, here are a few ways in which you and I can provide assistance:

  1. Future Accommodations for the Family

  2. Gift Card Donations

  3. Financial Support

  4. Prayers Needed

Click on the arrows below for more additional information:

1. Accommodations

We praise God that we have successfully found a reasonably priced 3-bedroom home for the Onofriichuk Family to live in permanently. We are very grateful to Gladstone and Dawn Ross for having provided the family with temporary accommodations in their home.

2. Gift Card Donations

Donations of gift cards to grocery stores or restaurants are much appreciated. If you would like to make a gift card donation, please bring them into the church on Sunday morning, or drop them off to our office administrator Olivia.

Our office can be reached at 416-298-9932 or by email at Our office Hours are Tuesday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM.

3. Financial Support

Until the family of five can support themselves, we as a church are responsible to pay their rent, pay for their groceries and basic necessities, clothing, prescription needs and transportation. We plan to cover these costs from our “SPONSORSHIP FUND.”

Thank you to those who have been giving each month to the Sponsorship Fund. The pledges vary from $5 to $500 per month. We invite others of you to also please start giving each month to our Sponsorship Fund and mark your donations “Sponsorship Fund.”

It is wonderful to know that you and I are helping at least one family from war ravaged Ukraine. Please know our government is not giving any money to our church for their support. We are grateful to our Canadian Government for assisting with the legal process of bringing the Onofriichuk Family to Canada and providing medical coverage through our government health plan.

If you would like to give a donation online to Rosewood Church's Sponsorship Fund, please visit for more information.

4. Prayer Needed

Please pray for the Onofriichuks as they adjust to life in Toronto; as decisions are made about their children’s schooling; as they further learn to speak and read English; as the parents look for employment; and as they try to heal emotionally from the horror of war.

Thank you for caring and for helping the Onofriichuk Family – Serhii (father), Olha (mother), and their children – Khrystyna, Kira, and Denys.

Dad - Serhii, Mom - Olha, Daughters - Khrystyna, Kira, Son - Denys

Thank you very much for your support of our new friends from the Ukraine.


Pastor Nick Stavropoulos

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