• Raven Mason

*Updated* What We Need To Produce Livestream Services

Updated: 6 days ago

Update: As of Monday, September 21 all of the below equipment has been donated. Thank you for your generosity! We're still waiting estimates on lighting, but praise the Lord all of the major equipment needs have been met.

When we return to worship in person, we want to continue to produce a high quality livestream of our Sunday services so others of you who are not able to attend in person can still join in and worship from home.

To do that we need to purchase the items in the list below as we shared during the service announcements on Sunday, August 16 -

  1. Central Camera - $5,400

  2. Camera Left - $2,600

  3. Camera Right - $2,600

  4. Computer - $3,000

  5. Switcher - $4,600

  6. Camera Tripods (3) - $400 each

  7. ProPresenter Software - $1,400

  8. Wiring - $1,000

Again, thank you for your response and your generosity in helping to purchase the necessary equipment to get our livestreaming ministry up to a high standard of quality. We appreciate you!

New Central Camera




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