• Raven Mason

Live Streaming Help

As we move to live streaming worship services online (different than the pre-recorded worship services we've done so far during the pandemic) beginning on Sunday, October 11 we will be making a few changes to your online worship experience. Please bear with us as we continue to set up and test all of the technical needs to make live streaming work well.

Please note that we will be live streaming the 11:30 AM service and so the time to log onto YouTube to join us for worship will shift from 11 AM to 11:30 AM.

If during the live stream you're having any technical problems or see any areas of improvement please do the following:

1. Make a note of it as you're watching the live stream so that you don't forget. Please record as many details as possible. For example, you could write that during the opening worship song the piano was too loud and you couldn't hear the worship leader.

2. Please email the details of your issue to live@rosewoodchurch.ca this will help our technical team become aware of the issues you may be experiencing at home. If possible we'll correct them during the service, but sometimes we'll have to make adjustments afterwards and fix them for the following week.

3. Please do not call the church office, Pastors or myself (Raven) on Sundays as we will be at the church participating in the service and will not be able to answer calls.

4. Please keep the live chat area as a worshipful space, where you share greetings and hellos, prayers or testimonies with one another. Please try hard to keep criticisms or any technical issues out of the live stream chat as much as possible.

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