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Join the Global Kids Choir

Hey parents of Rosewood Kids!

We are excited to share an exciting opportunity, for your kids to participate in a

Global Kids Choir with Christy Semsen.

Christy Semsen, who created many of the musicals Rosewood Kids have performed, including: Back the Manger, Back to the Cross, Wrapping All the Way, Straight Outta Bethlehem and most recently, All About That Baby be compiling video snippets provided by parents of kids from all over the world singing God’s Word together to make a Global Kids Choir performance video! But if you want to be included, you need to act fast because the deadline to send in your videos is Sunday, May 17, 2020.

Here is everything you need to know. And please let us know if you participate. Pastor Bria and Jan Ong are cheering you on! (Jan might just do a video herself, because directors and teen alumni are invited to participate too!)

Kids – Pre-K to Grade 8 If you are interested, here’s what you need to do:

🌎 Watch this video and learn the song and motions with Mrs. Christy:

Global Kids Choir Rehearsal

Use this video to learn the step-by-step choreography with Christy!


🌎 Practice it sooo many times!

🌎 Put on your biggest smile, plug in some headphones, do your best motions, and have a parent film you while you sing along with Mrs. Christy, using this video

Global Kids Choir Performance

Use this video when you're ready to perform your song with Christy directing!


Parents. Here’s what you need to do:

🌎 Help your kids watch the rehearsal video and learn the song with Mrs. Christy.

🌎 Remind them to practice as many days as needed throughout this next week, until they have the song memorized and are comfortable enough to perform.

🌎 Help them plug in headphones to their device that plays the video/music so that when they sing, you can hear them, but not the music.

🌎 Film them (from the waist up, so you can see their motions) with a different device than the one they are using to listen to the song. (Note: They still can watch Christy direct while you are filming. And if you have siblings that would like to be in the same video, that is great.) The video you film and submit will have them singing and doing the motions, but no background music (as they were hearing it in their headphones only). Christy gives you all the instructions you need to do this in the rehearsal video.

🌎 Upload your video to Youtube and make it “unlisted.”

🌎 Email the link to csemsen@gmail.com. Title the email: Global Kids Choir with Christy Semsen Submission. In the email please include: Child’s name(s), Age(s), Rosewood Church of the Nazarene Kids Glee Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. By doing this, you are giving Christy Semsen permission to include your child(ren) and share their video as part of the Global Kids Choir.

Teen Alumni. Here’s what you CAN do:

🌎 If you were in a Rosewood Kids Choir in the past and would like to perform the song, too...Christy will be including a small portion of the song that features Directors and Teen Alumni near the end. If you would like to submit a video, please do! Include: Your name, Rosewood Church of the Nazarene Kids Glee Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for being a part of this!

- Christy Semsen

Click Here for Lyrics

Sponsored by WORDKIDZ

WordKidz is a leading provider of kids music ministry resources with a mission to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to kids and families across the globe!

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