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International Friendship Sunday

Every year on the first Sunday of August, we celebrate the different nations represented in our congregation.

This year on Sunday, August 2, 2020 we'll celebrate during our online service and we would love to have your participation.

How To Participate

You and your family can get dressed up in your national colours, wave flags and record a short (10 seconds maximum) saying your names and the country (or countries) you represent. E.g. "Hi we're the Mason family and we represent Grenada!"

How To Film

There are a few guidelines to help you out while filming -

  • Please record using the camera on the back of your smartphone and not the front facing camera (no selfie videos).

  • Film your landscape (horizontal) orientation so that the video fills up the TV screens.

  • Keep your videos short no longer than 10 seconds. We have a lot of countries.

  • Film in a place facing light. We suggest facing a window.

  • Bring your big smiles, look into the camera lens and speak loudly and clearly.

  • If you want to try filming outside pick a time when the wind is very low. Listen back to your recording once you're finished and if it is too noisy from the wind sound or traffic please try again or record it inside.

Please email the video to media@rosewoodchurch.ca by Wednesday, July 29 at 5 P.M. for it to be included in the service.

Need Help?

Do you want to participate but need help to film or need a flag, send an email to media@rosewoodchurch.ca or call Raven at 416-298-9932 and be available to come to the Church on Tuesday, July 28 or Wednesday, July 29 (time to be confirmed).




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