Happy Mother's Day

We want to say, "Happy Mother's Day" to all of our ladies with the gift of a long stem ROSE. We invite you to come by the church this Sunday, May 10 from 3 to 5 pm and pick up a long stem rose as a little gift from our church one rose per household. We have red, white, yellow and beige roses. A woman can come by or someone else from your family can pick up the rose. If there is a woman who doesn't drive we would be happy for someone else to pick up for her and take it over. The flowers are for any woman (mother or not) beyond high school age. We have limited quantities. Please remember to stay 6 feet or 2 metres away from anyone if someone arrives at the same time as you. Please wear a mask if you have one.

We love and appreciate you and want to be a little blessing to you.

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